Dr. James R. Fedich, DC Chiropractor, Coach, Speaker, & Podcast Host

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  • Full Practice Assessment and Recommendations

    Price: $300.00

    Sell Price: $300.00

    Send Dr J 3 months of your stats and he will dive into them, doing a full assessment of your numbers to determine what is doing well and what needs improvement. Then, Dr J will arrange a 30-minute phone consult with you to go over your stats, discuss his findings, and make recommendations for you to double your practice.

    Whether you need more new patients, help adding associates, or bringing up your patient volume, Dr J can help!

    You will walk away with Dr J’s personalized, written recommendations to help you improve your practice! If a new patient is worth $1,200 in your office, just 1 new patient will quadruple your investment of $300. Even better, if you like his advice and want to continue coaching with him, your investment will be applied to your first month’s fee! It’s a win-win.

    Since I am a practicing doctor, I can only perform a limited number of practice assessments per month, so hurry!

    Full Practice Assessment and Recommendations